Tea and Me


Hello everyone! My name is Finlay Fawcett and I am a year 12 student from Samford Valley Steiner school. This year every year 12 student has a large senior research project (SRP) that goes for the whole year. I have always been interested in sustainability and found that I love a great cup of tea, so, naturally, my senior project became clear. I will be creating a chai tea business that is closed loop, carbon positive and that supports indigenous sustainable products. This is my official website for my sustainable tea brand, Ahimsa Morning Chai. My chai tea is a native Australian blend with a unique and delicious flavour. I hope you all love it!


My Name, Ahimsa:

Ahimsa comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit language meaning non- violence. It is one of the main principles used in yoga. Ahimsa is more specifically meaning non-violence in thoughts, words and actions towards yourself, others and the planet. It is a beautiful name with an important message, something that I wanted my brand to stand for. Ahimsa also comes from ancient India which is where Chai originally came from.   

Chai Tea Ingredients:

Ahimsa morning chai incorporates many different ingredients that are native to Australia. In my blend I have used Australian wattleseed, pepperberry and cinnamon myrtle. As well as this I have used some traditional Indian chai spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and cloves which complement the Australian ingredients perfectly. I have also used Australian grown black tea to help wake you up and make you feel like you’re starting your day off right. I have purchased as many ingredients as possible Australian grown and bulk purchased . The ingredients that were unavailable in Australia were sourced from sustainable companies and were bought in bulk. If you have any questions or worries please feel free to contact me. 


Sustainable Packaging:

Ahimsa Morning Chai comes in glass jars that have been recycled. This is so we are not adding more waste to our earth. These jars can be brought to the drop off and can be refilled or recycled into a brand new tea product. Ahimsa labels are made from cardboard and rope twine which are all compostable and biodegradable. I have added small native plants to my labels which have been attached using wax. I hope you all love your jars!